Software-Defined Storage Unification Fabric

Achieve Agility. Slash Costs. Protect Data.
Integrate storage on premise and/or across clouds.

Integrate and protect enterprise-scale data storage across both on-prem and in-cloud deployments, while also driving down costs. Cloud or on-prem clients use standard APIs to access storage globally. Everything is protected and data breaches simply do not affect you. A full scale-out architecture enables ultra high performance with multi-Tbps speeds.

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Data Planes Are Increasingly Complex and Insecure

Enterprises often find it challenging to keep up with the rapid proliferation and availability of various on-premise and cloud storage solutions across the organization. The result is an increasingly complex, difficult to secure, and often expensive vendor-locked ecosystem.

A multitude of custom linkages must be created between each storage solution and all enterprise clients, applications, and dozens of other critical systems.
Such patchwork integration approaches expose enterprises to increased security vulnerabilities, with exponentially elevated risks for cloud deployments.
Complexity, institutional latencies and other factors often result in vendor lock-in, accruing technical debt and significant hidden costs of lost opportunity.
Leveraging public cloud storage becomes increasingly compelling. Consuming it efficiently and securely however is far from easy. Equally important is the seamless integration of existing systems.

Case Study

Learn how StorageFabric helped solve significant integration challenges for a major financial services client while also saving them tens of millions annually.

Major Security and Integration Challenges
The diagram here illustrates the complexity facing the client - a confusing, expensive, difficult to secure, and complicated ecosystem arising from using multiple vendors across multiple deployments and multiple lines-of-business.
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How StorageFabric Integrates and Secures the Data Plane Painlessly

StorageFabric is a customer-hosted high-performance full scale out software platform that  integrates and protects enterprise-scale data storage and application services across both on-prem and in-cloud deployments, while driving down costs. Clients use standard APIs to access storage enterprise-wide. Storage services never see your keys or plaintext data. Data breaches simply do not affect you. A full scale-out architecture enables ultra-high performance with multi-Tbps speeds.

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